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The New

Hello friends and fans of! We're sure you've noticed, by now, that things are a bit different than they used to be. Before we talk about the present, however, we have to look to the past to tell you the tale of how our new site came to life.

The old, we will WITNESS YOU as you go on to Valhalla, shiny and chrome.

The old, we will WITNESS YOU as you go on to Valhalla, shiny and chrome.

Back in the ancient times of 2011, transitioned from a very static website to something called a "content management system" that did a whole heck of a lot of things. Over time, however, the site slowly grew unstable, eventually becoming self-aware and we had to pull the plug on it in order to save humanity (not really, but boy would that have been cool!). Our site had grown older, but it wasn't wiser, and we needed a site with 24/7 support when something like a 502 Bad Gateway error occurred (yes, we knew about those... every single time they happened).

Our friends and partners at Squarespace and Twin Collective wanted to help us out with an easy to use and maintain website that would let our rag tag group of untechnical types conduct our business, and boy did they come through... especially when things took a turn for the worst.

Our original plan was to release our new web site to the public on the infamous "Black Friday" without much ado to quietly let the site expose it's unfound bugs to us. We were comfortably moving in that direction when, without warning, the old site decided it had simply had enough and wanted to sit quietly and reflect on what it had done with its life for the last four years. It also decided to do this the day before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Our hand had been forced, so we put out a web site that was mostly finished , worked and had all of our podcasts.

We know it was frustrating for some, and we're sorry you were inconvenienced. We appreciate your business.

So, welcome to the new web site. Let us know if you run into any issues and we'll try to work them out as best as we can.


The SModCo Team

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