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Q: What is SModCost?

A: SModCost was the monthly membership program, run by SModCo, which provided access to premium podcasts without pre-recorded ads. It was retired. You can still find commercial free versions of Kevin's podcasts via the Stitcher Premium service. Use the offer code SMOD when you check out for a free month.

Q: What is BabbleVision?

A: BabbleVision is an exclusive feature that brings you the experience of seeing Hollywood Babble-On without having to actually go out. Live shows of Hollywood Babble-On are recorded, edited, and posted to BabbleVision as close as we can get to the same time the free podcast drops.

Q: What does BabbleVision  cost?

A: BabbleVision costs $10 per month (billed automatically) or $80 per year.

Q: Is there a BabbleVision membership card?

A: Nope. When you purchase your membership, instead of choosing a name and password, you'll simply be asked to sign-in to a popular web service like Google, Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, Twitter or Facebook. Your credentials for that service will become your BabbleVision credentials too... which is good if you tend to get blazed and forget stuff. Accessing the BabbleVision members only areas of the site will be easy -- if you're logged in, you'll sail right in; if you're not a couple quick clicks to your service of choice will grant you access. Don't worry, we never get to see the credentials you use, so your data stays completely private to you.

Q: Will BabbleVision be available on iTunes, Google Play, (insert other service /device here)? 

A: Nope. BabbleVision content and special offers will only be available on and through and other SModCo websites. It's our shit, and our shit only. Content will play on our site. 

Q: Will BabbleVision be totally, 100 percent AD-Free?

A: Not entirely. BabbleVision episodes won't ever have pre-recorded ads, but we can't promise that a live-read ad won't occasionally sneak in. We'll do our best.

Q: Can I purchase BabbleVision as gift for a friend?

A: Sadly, no. Because we don't store your private data, we can only sell memberships to the person who will use them.

Q: I signed up but for BabbleVision but it says I don't have access?

A: When you first sign-up you'll be sent an email with a link to verify your email account. Once you've completed that verification, and your membership has been paid for, you should have access.

Q: How do I cancel my BabbleVision subscription?

A: We're sad to see you go but understand that things change. After you sign in to BabbleVision in the upper right hand corner of the website you will see "Hi, [Your Name Here]." Click on your name and a window will open that will allow you to access your subscription through the 'My Profile' link. Once you click on the 'My Profile' link you will find a link near the bottom of the profile page to cancel your subscription.

Q: Who do I contact with a customer support issue?

A: Please go here, see the FAQ, and if needed, submit a request for help by sending an email to

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