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The Flash, Season 2 Episode 21, Trailer

After the May 3rd airing of The Flash, Season 2 episode "Rupture", fans of the show were treated to our first look at footage for the Kevin Smith directed episode "The Runaway Dinosaur."

Wednesday Morning, Kevin Smith took to twitter to share with us the extended trailer for his Flash directorial debut.

The Flash, Season 2 Episode 21, Trailer

We've only got six more days to wait to see an episode that we've been imaging since the news broke earlier this year. To help get you through this time of waiting, here is a quick flashback at Kevin Smith’s journey to Central City via Instagram:

Here's an @entertainmentweekly article about me directing an upcoming episode of @cwtheflash!!! This is gonna be SO much fun! Big thanks to @andrewkreisberg & @gberlanti & @geoffjohnsdc & the #cw for the play date! #RunBarryRun #flash #dccomics #kingshark #FatManOnBatman #barryallen #cisco #caitlynsnow #harrisonwells #detectivejoewest #iriswest


I'm in #Vancouver for prep on the episode of @cwtheflash that I'm gonna direct. The script is an emotional doozy that had me bawling from just reading it, so I'll be buying up all the Kleenex in town to make it through the episode intact. I've seen the sets and I can't wait to get started! So long as I don't make the episode that jumps the proverbial King Shark, this is gonna be fun! Fun, Barry! Fun! #RunBarryRun #Flash


Greetings from Central City PD and the set of @cwtheflash! The giant bas-relief wall was created by #TylerHarron and features familiar "gods" - like #Superman as Zeus (Jupiter), #Batman as Hades (Pluto), #WonderWoman as Hera (Juno), the Flash as Hermes (Mercury), #GreenArrow as Apollo, #Aquaman as Poseidon (Neptune), and the #GreenLantern as Hephaestus (Vulcan). As cool as it is to see on the show, it's overwhelmingly awesome to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship (and craftwomanship) in person. #theflash #theflashseason2 #theflashcw #dccomics #KevinSmith #runbarryrun #jla


Last night, we did a table read of the episode of @cwtheflash I'm directing. It was actually less a table read and more of a table-preview-of-greatness-to-come because instead of just spitting out lines, the cast performed the Hell out of the script! It was like standing in the middle of #StarLabs as #teamflash figured out how to bust a bad guy or dump a doppelgänger! Next time I see all these talented folks, we'll be on the #CentralCity sets bringing @dccomics to life! #theflash #KevinSmith #Vancouver #dccomics #grantgustin #jesselmartin #candicepatton #johnwesleyshipp #keiynanlonsdale #carlosvaldes #tomcavanaugh #patricksabongui #thecw


Thinking of changing out the backwards baseball cap for this stylish piece of head gear. Forget @jayandsilentbob - this is #SilentBob AS Jay (Garrick). Having a blast on @cwtheflash! #KevinSmith #theflash #thecw #earth2 #dccomics


Today is Day 1 of 8 on the episode of @cwtheflash I'm directing. We shot a scene last week in pre-production but Ep 221 officially begins today... And I'm really nervous. I love this show so much and dread making an episode that blows. The good news is both the cast and the crew of this most excellent entertainment do this sort of thing every week and need no help from me to craft a compelling comic book come to life. I'm kinda just here to root them on and make the occasional suggestion. Many thanks to my new #Flash family for making me feel so welcomed, right down to the cartoon of me on the tech scout itinerary (pictured above). And huge hosannahs to ep 221 writer #ZackStentz who CRUSHED the script and gave me, the cast & the crew something wonderfully emotional to shoot this week. (Like me, Zack is normally a movie guy. Unlike me, Zack has written very successful movies - like X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and THOR.) As we get ready to roll, I'm scared to fuck up but thrilled to have the chance to do this at all... Which pretty much sums up how I feel about living life in general. #theflash #KevinSmith #runbarryrun #Vancouver #KevSmithsonian


Silent Bob speaks no evil when #Zoom is on the loose! Halfway done with Day 1 on @cwtheflash and I'm in HEAVEN! Masks! Costumes! Heroes! Villains! There is no Crisis on my infinite Earth today! #thecw #theflash #KevinSmith #Vancouver #dccomics #CentralCity


Me and my hero. I got to "direct" #TheFlash himself yesterday and shoot the suit! The costume looks breathtaking in real life but it's nothing without the wearer. And that wearer is the great @grantgust - who was a joy to watch work. The story of @cwtheflash is the journey of #BarryAllen - so you have to care about Barry for the show to work at all. The beauty of this marriage of performer and part is that #grantgustin brings a vulnerability and humanity to Barry which elevates a series that could be written off by the uninitiated as "that show where the guy runs fast" to must-see TV. We live in a world where we get to see all of our comic book heroes come to life on both the silver and cyber screens. And of all the actors and actresses playing men and women of mystery (a weird, wonderful yet difficult genre to pull off) Grant and his pitch-perfect portrayal of Barry Allen stands shoulder-to-costumed-shoulder with other masters-of-their-masks such as #robertdowneyjr and #adamwest and #ryanreynolds. I love an actor or actress whose work is so strong it can bring me to tears - and if you've ever seen that video of me watching #Flash on my #KevinSmith #youtube channel, you know that I can #BawlBarryBawl over this show like a big baby bitch. I'm as invested in Grant's Barry as I am in some blood family members; in my book, that means the kid elevates the genre. Yesterday was Day 3 of 8, so when we wrap today we'll be halfway done shooting the episode I'm directing. We're shooting a scene today that timely ties into something special from one of my favorite Season 1 episodes. As a storyteller for the week, I'm keen to do the material and the cast & crew justice... But as a fan of the show, I'm freaking out about this deep cuts callback! The other night, we got to add an iconic (and tasty) location to the Flash universe but today? I get to sorta go back in time! I can't tell you how happy all this shit makes me... #centralcity #runbarryrun #funbarryfun #vancouver #thecw #theflashcw #thefastestmanalive


Being a superhero is a team sport, and @cwtheflash has the best super friends on TV. And I don't mean just the characters - I'm talking about the enormously talented actors & actresses who play #ciscoramon #iriswest #joewest & #henryallen - #carlosvaldes #candicepatton #jesselmartin & the OG #Flash himself, #johnwesleyshipp. I've now seen 'em all make their magic (with some of them pulling double-duty in this episode) and each has expertly strengthened the show. #TheFlash couldn't ask for better friends and #grantgustin couldn't ask for better co-stars (and the best part: they all love each other. Speaking of friends, my hetero life-mate @jaymewes loved the #berlantiverse way before I ever did, so I brought the @cw_arrow lover to #vancouver with me for the start of the shoot. Some have speculated @jayandsilentbob might pop up in the ep I'm directing, but rest assured, I love this show too much to besmirch it with my #jayandsilentbob silliness. Rest easy #Flash fans: I'm only directing the show: I'm not on camera at all. But #jaymewes however? I might have seen him at a legendary #CentralCity eatery the other night... #teamflash #runbarryrun #thecw #theflashcw #KevinSmith #funbarryfun

Every hero needs a villain - and thanks to @cavanaghtom, Wells/Thawne/Reverse-Flash quickly became one of my favorite comic book bad guys of all time. The Season 1 Finale of @cwtheflash opens with Wells and Barry having a classic hero/villain verbal face off, with Tom having to provide a lot of (potentially goofy) exposition about being Barry's biggest foe in the future. It's about as comic booky as it gets - which I love dearly; but anyone who'd dismiss this kind of drama as dopey kids' stuff clearly wasn't watching Wells when he balanced his hatred and admiration for Barry in one of the best monologues on TV last year. When he sets up his end-run trade-off and offers #TheFlash the chance of a lifetime, it's like Tom summoned the devil himself. Cavanagh is the voice that begins some of my favorite 15 minutes in TV history: when Wells says to #Flash "Run, Barry. Run..." (a line I love so much, I've worked an homage to it into the episode I'm directing). Now having watched Tom work on set last week I'm even more impressed: because he's a funny, warm guy until we say "Action" - then Tom's gone and Wells practically appears. Homey had some really good scenes in my episode 221 that he elevated and made great. And any friend of @jlong78 (they were in the #NBC series ED together) is a friend of mine. #KevinSmith #jaymewes #tomcavanagh #runbarryrun #vancouver #CentralCity


Sadly, today's my last day as director on Episode 221 of @cwtheflash. When it airs, you'll see my name on screen as the director - but all of these people (plus a few not present for the pic) are the true artists who really made the show - just like they make the show so well without me week after week. But the REAL directors of the ep I'll get credit for helming are my brilliant brain trust of cinematographer Kim Miles, A.D. Bob Crippen and script supervisor Alexandra La Roche. I'm 45 years old and I've been making films for 23 years now, but these three storytellers taught me how to be a better director in a matter of 8 days. I came to #TheFlash looking to have fun and get a sneak peek behind the scenes of my favorite show. And while I had a blast, the real surprise is that I get to walk away from #Flash a better filmmaker than I was when I got here. Big thanks to @gberlanti & @andrewkreisberg & @toddhelbig & @aaronhelbig & @thecw for letting me play in their #CentralCity sandbox and to #ZackStentz for writing such a great script! I will miss these fine folks when I head back to real life tomorrow... But now when I watch #theflashcw every week, I'll have the added bonus of seeing names I know in the credits and being able to say "That's my friend! That's another one of my friends! Ooo! I know that motherfucker too! He's a super friend!" Thank you so much, cast and Crew of Ep 221! Let's do it again in Season 3! #KevinSmith #runbarryrun #funbarryfun


Meta-Mewes! The folks at @cwtheflash were kind enough to include a cameo for my hetero life mate @jaymewes in the episode of #TheFlash I directed. As a longtime lover of everything that ever aired on @thecw, Jay was ecstatic to have scripted lines in one of his favorite shows (plus, he got to visit the @cw_arrow sets across the lot). But I also found an opportunity to sneak #jaymewes into another scene as well - this time as a masked super villain. And even though he had no lines as the Meta and is unrecognizable, THIS was the role that reduced him to tears. I've seen #JayMewes cry twice in my life: one time it was about the birth of his only begotten daughter, the other time was after he wrapped his super villain bit on #TheFlash. Jay gave me a huge hug and said "You made my dream come true, Moves." You see, Jay never planned for @jayandsilentbob; while he certainly inspired the cinematic duo, it was never his dream to play Jay in the movies - it was just something that happened to him. But this boy LOVES his comic books - so much so that I've never heard him say he's ever read a bad comic book (and I know for a fact he went deep on the I'll-fated @marvel "New Universe" titles back in the day). He doesn't dissect superhero material, he just consumes. Analyzing is for academics: Jay's just there to see his heroes come to life. So to thank me for sneaking him into the @dccomics universe, Jay took me to see @batmanvsuperman again (my second time, his first). I liked the flick more on my second viewing (see 1 hour review on my #KevinSmith #youtube channel). I'd said the film didn't have any heart, but after the second viewing, I actually found the heart in #batmanvsuperman: it's in the viewer. And the viewer I watched the blockbuster with the second time was all agog, eyes as big as saucers. During the Knightmare sequence, we shared a moment that even elevated the flick for me: when the winged New Gods nasties attack #Batman and take him down, Jay (age 40) & I (age 45) simultaneously looked at one another and whispered reverently "ParaDemons." It was a beautiful moment shared by two lifelong fanboys who were delighted to see their childhood flash before their eyes.


SPOILERS! The first actors I got to direct on my @cwtheflash episode were @teddysears & @dpanabaker - who play Earth 2's Jay/Zoom (and, if you've seen the commercial for the next episode of #theflashcw, another well-known @dccomics bad guy) and heart of #TeamFlash Dr. Caitlin Snow. It was late on the Friday before the Monday start of my episode, 221. The talented mind behind the #vfx versions of #Grodd and #KingShark is @armenvfx - and with Episode 220, Armen was directing his first #Flash. The scene I was doing with #TeddySears and #DaniellePanabaker was set up in his episode, so A.D. Bob Crippen thought we might get a jumpstart on our work week (and get the two actors some extra days off) by shooting our first scene Friday instead of Monday. I was already sweating fucking up this gig on a Monday, but now I had to fuck up in front of folks on a Friday - giving all involved the entire weekend to ponder just how I'll-equipped I truly was to helm an episode of their program. But these warm, wonderful kids made me feel so welcome right away, I was able to pull up my big boy directing Jorts and shoot some stuff that made visual sense while furthering the narrative. I'll always think of Teddy & Danielle fondly because they were my gateway to one of the most fun directing gigs I ever enjoyed. (I would've posted this pic the night we shot the scene were it not for the fact it's a bit Spoilery for anyone not current on the show. But the spots for the next episode reveal way more than this pic, so I feel okay to finally share it.) #KevinSmith #runbarryrun #zoom #jaygarrick #caitlinsnow

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