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Shout Out Follow-Up: Bonnie Flies Over The Ocean

HOLLYWOOD BABBLE-ON starts each show with “Shout Outs” – a chance to interact with audience members who might be celebrating a special occasion or perhaps visiting from far away. Often, “Shout Outs” are an opportunity for those in attendance to ask hosts Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith for special requests (e.g; a birthday wish from “Al Pachino,” marriage advice from “The Germans,” selfies, etc.).

Today, we catch up with “Bonnie” from HOLLYWOOD BABBLE-ON #242. Bonnie was visiting California from the U.K. to shoot her final photography project for her university courses. Check out the “Shout Outs” from that episode for a full recap.

SModCo:  Thanks for chatting with us today.

Bonnie:   Oh it’s my pleasure.

SModCo:  Now, you went to HOLLYWOOD BABBLE-ON while in L.A. finishing a project for your university?

Bonnie:  I went to California to shoot a fashion and travel project. In fact, I’m still shooting it. I’m shooting half of it here in London. But I kind of treated my trip to California more like a holiday.

SModCo:  And this was your first time traveling alone?

Bonnie:  Yes, and it was terrifying! I’ve been to the U.S. many times, but this was the first time traveling alone proper, without my parents or other parts of my family.

SModCo:  Kevin told you that L.A. was a place where you don’t have to feel empty; he said it’s a place where you can feel filled. Would you describe your experience as having been filled?

Bonnie:  (laughter) I don’t think it was quite filled in the way he was thinking. But I had a really really good time. I met some amazing people in L.A.

SModCo:  Did you meet people in the fashion industry for your shoot?

Bonnie:  I stayed in this really cool Airbnb near Venice Beach. It was loads of little cabins, tents, and a little house. One of the girls who I met there, it was her birthday, and we ended up going on this big birthday adventure. She didn’t want to tell us, and then it slipped out. And we were like, “Now we have to go out!”

SModCo:  Kevin and Ralph told you to eat a couple of places. Did you go to Pinks Hot Dogs?

Bonnie:  Well, I didn’t because I don’t really like hot dogs. (laughter)

SModCo:  Did you go to the Griddle Café?

Bonnie:  (laughter) I didn’t go there either. I was all-full. I kept thinking I was going to do all of these awesome things, and I just sat in my Airbnb and drank.

SModCo:  But with really cool people, at least.

Bonnie:  Yeah! Much better than drinking alone.

SModCo:  Kevin joked that the food in the UK is ugly. Is that true?

Bonnie:  It doesn’t look appealing, most of the time. But it is delicious. A lot of our food is just meat and potatoes. Like, shepherd’s pie is my favorite.  

SModCo:  What was the best thing you ate while in the States?

Bonnie:  I don’t know; I feel like all American food makes me feel fat. (laughter) I really liked iHop. I had cupcake pancakes; it had sprinkles and frosting on it. That was really good.

SModCo:  That sounds like a dessert.

Bonnie:  It is, and I had it for breakfast. It was great.

SModCo:  You asked to take a selfie with Ralph and Kevin so you could make your boyfriend jealous. Did it work?

Bonnie:  Yes. Yes it really did! Dean is my boyfriend and Connor is his best friend. But yeah. Connor absolutely despised me for a while afterwards. But I took him back a shirt so it was alright. And Dean was just heart broken. It was awesome.

SModCo:  Uh oh…

Bonnie:  It was great. When the podcast came out my boyfriend put up a Facebook status that said, “I’ve now been mocked by Kevin Smith, and I’ve never been so happy in my life.”

SModCo:  So he was okay with the poking fun at his economic status?

Bonnie:  He knows he’s poor. (laughter) Yeah, in November the two of them just opened a comic book store together.

SModco:  Then you definitely don't love him for his money. (laughter) Anything you’d like to add to all of this?

Bonnie:  Um, I’d just like to make a point that I didn’t have a threesome with while in L.A.

SModCo:  Despite Kevin’s advice?

Bonnie:  (laughter) No, I didn’t. And I didn’t hook-up with the two guys that were sitting up front that Kevin was telling me to meet-up with either.

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