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Kevin's Flash Back

One More Day in Central City

Today, Monday, September 26, 2016 marks the final day of production work on CW's seventh episode of Season 3 of The Flash for Kevin Smith. To honor Kevin's achievement, and in an attempt to make Monday a little more enjoyable, we bring you this collection of all of the behind-the-scene moments that Kevin shared with us on his September trip to Central City.

First, however, we kick this off this Flash-back with a tweet from the man that portrays The Scarlet Speedster himself, Grant Gustin!

Kevin began to pull back the curtain by giving us a glimpse inside the production offices of CW's The Flash, including a small memento from last season.

We also received a peek back inside of the Central City Police Department, from Kevin's perspective.

Recently Kevin has been bringing us some special Facebook Live Video moments, including this one shot moments before a production meeting inside of the production offices.

Live from the Central City production offices of #TheFlash!

Posted by Kevin Smith on Friday, September 9, 2016

As we've heard time and time again from animatronic robots inside of one of the world's most notorious theme park rides, even in the DC multiverse it is still a small world after all, as Kevin ran into his future co-workers from The CW's Supergirl, which he'll be direction an episode of next month!

One thing we learned during the press coverage of Kevin Smith's The Flash episode from Season 2, The Runaway Dinosaur, was that the cast and crew loved what Kevin brought to the table as a director. This season Kevin wanted to show them again what he could bring to the table, this time as a caterer with a Timbit Buffet!

On September 14th, the camera's officially started rolling on the 7th episode of The CW's The Flash, so Kevin shared a glimpse of the script with us. If only we could see the title of the episode!

(Yes that's a slight note of sarcasm. This tweet started some speculation thanks to Photoshop sleuth's who thought they found out what this KILLER episode may be titled, if not they'll definitely be left out in the FROST... er... cold.)

Although there's no picture to go with this tweet, this confirms that this season's villain Alchemy is still in play by Episode 7 (not that we had any doubt).

It's nice to see this mashup of past and present since Kevin guest-starred on an episode of Law & Order opposite The Flash's Joe West himself, Jesse L. Martin back in 2000.

If you are reading this and you haven't already seen The CW's various trailers for the "Flashpoint" story that brings us back to Central City, Kevin's next offering is of particular interest because Cisco is... Cisco in this shot! I wonder what this means for Nora and Henry Allen?

Thankfully Kevin kept up with his latest self-portrait offering of "The Man Behind the Show" by standing behind another iconic part of the scenery for The CW's The Flash.

Every day there are people that work real hard to make your favorite TV show look good, and the stunt doubles take the brunt of that hard work. Thankfully Kevin had the opportunity to introduce us to Brent, the man who takes the hard knocks that Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) has to endure.

Did Ray Palmer stop by the set of The Flash for some size-based shenanigans?  

This message brought to you by all of the late night bacon lovers of the world, and the people that work with them.

Ahhh... the tweet that may very "spark" a clothing line (since I've already seen several subsequent requests for this production gift to be released into the hands of the public). Although this wasn't a tweet by Kevin himself, he was kind enough to retweet so his followers could share the moment.

Kevin then wove a magical tale of wonder when he shared a selfie taken with Tom Felton AND shared some insight into the upcoming four show crossover event that will span all four of The CW's DC shows (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow).

Whether it's a trip to summer camp, a much needed vacation, or working on one of your favorite television shows, the sobering reality that it will be over soon eventually sets in for all of us.

That's it for what Kevin has shared with us so far, and today is the final day of shooting on this episode of The Flash. Although we don't know if there will be any more bits that he'll share with us on social media from The CW's The Flash, we've still got the month of October to look forward to as Kevin returns to Vancouver to shoot an episode of The CW's Super Girl, titled "Supergirl Lives!" (A nice nod to the script Superman Lives written by Kevin Smith for Warner Brothers)

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