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Kevin Smith’s "Convenience Store Wars"

Kevin Smith recently shared an interesting poster with the world via his Instagram.

My new happy place: the @yogahosers poster for the #japanese release! In #japan, they've wisely retitled the movie "The Convenience Store Wars". The translation is "Part-time High School girls VS Miniature Nazis! An all-out girls horror awakens!" Love that the entire cast made it onto the @starwars influenced art - especially @ralphgarman! I know nobody but me liked #yogahosers so I'm probably the only one excited by this. But this made my day! #KevinSmith

Films are often renamed for release in foreign markets. Yoga Hosers was named Yoga Lovers when it was released in Russia and Nu Sinh Bat Ma for its release in Vietnam (though I haven’t been able to find out what Vietnamese translation means).

Here is a look at Kevin Smith’s films as they were renamed for international audiences:


Image via

  • Argentina: Dependents (Dependientes) and Cashiers (Cajeros)
  • France: Clerks – The Model Employees (Clerks - les employés modèles)
  • Hungary: Shop-Stop (Shop-Stop)


Image via

  • Brazil: Barred in the Mall (Barrados no Shopping)
  • France: The Glanders (Les glandeurs)
  • Italy: Generation X (Generation X)
  • Russian: Party People from the Supermarket (Тусовщики из супермаркета)

Chasing Amy

Image via

  • Argentina: The Other Face of Love (La otra cara del amor)
  • France: Multiple Misunderstanding (Méprise multiple)
  • Mexico: My Wrong Partner (Mi pareja equivocada)
  • Romania: Tangled Love (Iubiri încurcate)


Image via

Sorry to let you down, but Dogma translates across most languages.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Image via

  • Brazil: The Empire (of the Besteriol) Counter Attacks (O Império (do Besteirol) Contra-Ataca)
  • Greece: Raid in Hollywood (Επιδρομή στο Χόλιγουντ)

Most international film titles for this film were literal translations of the title. Who knew Jay and Bob translated so well?!

Jersey Girl

Image via

  • Brazil: Girl of the Eyes (Menina dos Olhos)
  • Greece: Sweet Trouble (Γλυκός μπελάς)
  • Hungary: Father’s Daughter (Apja lánya)
  • Portugal: Once Upon a Time... A Father (Era Uma Vez… um Pai)

Clerks II

Image via

  • Portugal: Never Have So Many Done So Little (Nunca Tantos Fizeram Tão Pouco)
  • Greece: Officials Tears (Υπάλληλοι για κλάματα)

Most the film’s titles in international markets were the title they used for Clerks with II.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Image via

  • Brazil: Paying well, what's wrong with that? (Pagando Bem, Que Mal Tem?)
  • Spain: Let’s make a porn? (¿Hacemos una porno?)
  • Turkey: A Strange Love Story (Garip bir ask öyküsü)

Red State

Image via

  • Argentina: The Sect (La Secta)
  • Germany: Fear God! (Fürchte Dich vor Gott!)
  • Hungary: Lost World (Veszett világ)
  • Portugal: Mortal Cult (Culto Mortal)


Image via

Literally, most international versions of Tusk are direct translations of the film title.

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