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Kevin Smith Seems Pretty Sure Darkseid Will Turn Up In 'Justice League'

(WARNING: The following contains potential SPOILERS for Warner Bros' upcoming Justice League, albeit ones entirely based on nerd icon Kevin Smith's personal fan theories. Proceed with caution, I guess?)

Now, if there's one thing #KevinSmith is good at, it's being a massive, massive geek. Sure, he's made some distinctly beloved movies over the years, and even written a controversial comic book arc or two, but his true genius is, as it ever was, being a paragon of geekdom. He is, in many ways, our society's "uber-geek" — especially when it comes to all things #DC related.

As such, when Smith speaks out about the #DCEU and its future plans, people tend to listen, especially when...

Kevin Smith Seems Pretty Sure Darkseid Will Turn Up In 'Justice League'

Yup, that's right. According to Smith, #WarnerBros' #JusticeLeague will, in fact, feature the legendary #Darkseid as its primary villain, displacing the currently teased Steppenwolf. As he himself put it during the most recent installment of his Fatman on Batman podcast:

I call bullsh*t, I think Steppenwolf is a villain of this piece, but I think we’re getting Darkseid, and I think that they’ve been keeping it from us, like the same way we didn’t know we were getting Doomsday… I think Darkseid is in this! Just give me some Darkseid… it can’t just be Steppenwolf… he’s just a pawn!

Which, of course, makes a whole, whole lot of sense. After all, the DCEU has hardly been shy about throwing iconic villains into the mix as early as possible (General Zod, Doomsday and The Joker are all fan-favorite characters that could easily have been kept in reserve), making the idea that Steppenwolf will prove to be the movie's Big Bad seem a little more implausible than current murmurings would suggest.

Head over to Movie Pilot video to watch more.

The question, then, may not truly be whether we'll see Darkseid turn up, but when. Will he show up halfway through as a primary antagonist, provide a tide-turning threat in the final act, or simply "pull a Thanos" and appear as a looming future menace in a post-credits sequence? Only time — or, perhaps, one of the film's trailers — will tell.

What do you think, though? Is Smith right about Darkseid being set to turn up in Justice League? Let us know below!

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