Jenn Hoffman

Jenn is a writer, blogger and co-founder of GirlsIRL, an organization that matches female bloggers with sponsorships, finance and other resources. In 2007 Jenn was picked by Donald Trump to be on his hit television series “The Apprentice” on NBC. Jenn has also been a High School English teacher, a cheerleading coach, a vegan chef, a host on The Style Network, a radio DJ on CBS radio, a TV news reporter for NBC and a pop culture expert for Fox News. Currently Jenn also the host and the face of Reality Wanted, the world’s biggest reality news and casting site and her writing is featured on news sites like Yahoo! and The Huffington Post.

  • #003 #003: Life Casting and Social Media

    Nov 16, 2011 - The guys from 'Go Legendary' tackle listener questions such as how to loosen up while out on the town, dealing with clingy girlfriends, moving to small towns, keeping your skills sharp and the top 5 mindsets holding you back in your quest for legendary status. The guys also discuss the recent dump of Jesse James by Kat Von D, a Craigslist date that turns into a satanic bloodbath and top Facebook turnoffs. This week's featured guests are life-caster Jen Friel and writer Jenn Hoffman of We sit down to discuss their new venture, the ins and outs of internet dating and the general state of all things nerdy. What is a life-caster you ask? Tune in and get Legendary.
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    #003: Life Casting and Social Media

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