Bobby Lee

Stand-up comic who has appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” He performs regularly at the legendary Comedy Store in West Hollywood, California.

  • #008 Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib #008: Guest Bobby Lee: "Nuclear Hooker Assassins"

    Jan 17, 2012 - Bobby Lee (Mad TV, Chelsea Lately) joins Gleib to discuss if Michelle Obama is an angry Black woman, if the US and Israel are assassinating Iranian Nuclear Scientists, Romney the nervous hunter, if smoking weed is actually good for you, Chelsea Handler, Mississippi letting murderers loose, Ron Paul talking about blowback, why we shouldn't murder people willy nilly, why Congress is trying to censor the internet, nipples, why God abandoned Tim Tebow, conspiracy theories, when Bobby and Gleib first met in 1996, if high school kids should be allowed to grind each other, if we should have national standards for Sex Ed, why smart kids drink more, and the Amish. And Bobby opens up about hookers, drug abuse, owing the IRS $300,000, how fame gets girls, what it's like to get shot in the head (in Pineapple Express), and Dave Navarro's bachelor party. Plus... THE THUNDER ROUND.

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